A collection of thoughts that are from moments when I took the time to write them down. Hopefully they provide some remnants of wisdom.

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Verizon Transcript

Chat Subject: Order and Change Service Your Question: Change service Thank you for your patience. A Verizon chat expert will be with you shortly. Agent Verizon has joined. (11:02:39) Verizon: Chat ID for this session is 0123456789. (11:02:39) ME (11:02:49):


A Long Time Ago

A History of the Atkins – Paynter and Allied Families Researched by R. MILTON AND LUCY W. ATKINS Written by R. MILTON ATKINS (From 1980 to 1989) I can remember, many years ago, my grandmother, Adelia Jackson Paynter Atkins, taking me on her lap


Tomcat 7 With Serlvet 3 Annotations – Note To Self

I made a quick web servlet application that uses the new annotations available (like @WebServlet) and had everything working just fine until I did something rather bone headed. I am using Maven for my dependency management and from the command