New Watch Lets Parents Track Their Kids

September 21, 2009 | Posted in Geospatial, Handy Tools | By

From Slashdot:

A company called Lok8u (“Locate You”) has come up with a clever watch that serves as a GPS tracking device for your kids. Now, we can quickly ask the question of “how paranoid are we as a society?” but at the same time we can say, “Man, I wish I had something like this in my watch whenever I misplace the darn thing!” I have little ones and ponder over whether investing in something like this makes sense or not. I probably won’t wind up getting any of these but it’s neat to see ideas like these come along … I’m sure they will do well in the market.

Funny excerpt from the Slashdot forum on this topic:

Personally I wouldn’t use this for teenagers because at that age, they have matured enough that they deserve a little privacy

Exactly – if you put the wristwatch on a teenage boy, all they’ll find is that he’s spending most of his time in the bathroom rapidly jumping back and forth about 4″ at a time.

Ahh, nothing like a little potty humor on a Monday morning.

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LicenseCrawler Retrieves License Keys for Backup

August 26, 2009 | Posted in Handy Tools | By

From the nice folks at Lifehacker,

If you ever needed to rebuild a machine or for whatever reason needed to remember the license keys to your software … well, most likely you forgot to save this valuable tidbit of information and don’t know how to easily get it back.  Wouldn’t you know that some friendly computer geek out there has already solved this problem and made it freely available!  Have you hugged your geek today?

LicenseCrawler Retrieves License Keys for Backup

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