Tweet My Mac

September 21, 2009 | Posted in Computers, Fun at Home | By

First off, the title of this software totally reminds me of the show Pimp My Ride.  With a cool name like “Tweet My Mac” this little gem of technology has got to be cool … right? Well, let’s take it for a spin and see what it can do.

I found this tricked out article on LifeHacker and figured that I would give it try on my home iMac. The fun part of this application is that it can take pictures via the iSight or grab a screen capture and post the result over to TwitPic so you can see who is in front of the computer and what they are doing … sneaky huh? Then, my favorite, is the ability to make the computer say any phrase at your bidding. I actually got lucky and caught the wife and kids at home during breakfast and had the computer say, “Logan, get your finger out of your nose!” Within a minute I had a phone call asking why the computer was nagging our son!

If you currently use Twitter and have a Mac (or PC) then I recommend downloading and testing this software which is really simple to use. That is as long as you follow Google’s motto!

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Kitchen Monki Makes Planning Your Grocery Shopping Easier

August 26, 2009 | Posted in Fun at Home | By

Via Lifehacker,

If you like cooking and sharing recipes among your friends then you may want to check out Kitchen Monki.  This site allows you to hook right in with your Facebook account and start exploring their repository of food creations.  I’m not sure how much I will honestly use the service but hope it may spark some creative ideas in my wife’s future dinner plans 😉

Kitchen Monki Makes Planning Your Grocery Shopping Easier.

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