Dear Reader,

My purpose for writing is to let you know about a great opportunity that the Lord has placed on my heart.

Maple Grove Christian Church has put together a short-term missions trip to Ensenada, Mexico from June 16th to June 23th.  I am excited about the possibility of using my skills and abilities for the glory of God and to provide much-needed housing for those living in extreme poverty.  These houses are small (just 16 x 20) but to someone living in a lean-to with a dirt floor, this small home seems like a mansion.

I will be part of a team that will be building three homes.  l am trusting that God will use this trip to expand my compassion for the world and use me to help reach more people for Him.

Prayer is essential for the success of this mission trip.  Would you be willing to pray for our group’s safe travels, the work we do while in Ensenada, and most importantly for the families receiving their new homes?  The homes are an outreach ministry of the local churches and the families will continue to receive encouragement and spiritual guidance from the church.

The Mexico Mission Team is raising the funds for the construction materials, however I have to raise the money for my travel expenses.  I am looking for 25 people to sponsor me for $50 toward this trip.  I realize that you may not be able to sponsor me at that amount, so any amount that you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated.  I believe that with prayer and God’s help, my financial need will be met.

I am eager for your prayer support and partnership in this ministry opportunity.  I greatly value your help in this venture of faith. Thank you so much.

Your friend in Christ,
Wally Atkins

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