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This is a great example to other geocachers out there for inspiration of assembling a wonderful geocaching experience. The initial find is simple enough but from there thought and effort will challenge the explorer and lead them through an amazing theme-based journey. Not to mention … how could you go wrong with an Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade geocache?

Picture 1 – Once you find the ammo box you will see that it is marked with a symbol used in the movie called the grail cross. It was the symbol of those that protect the Holy Grail in the movie.

Picture 2 – Inside the ammo box you will discover the Grail Diary of Dr. Henry Jones.

Picture 3 – Inside the book you will first see the shield of the knights templar.

Picture 4 – On the next page is what appears to be a drawing of a knights templar and on the side of the figure are these markings – “MCM.LXXIII” and “MGM.VXIXLLV”. The guess is that these would be Roman Numerals and could possibly be coordinates of some sort but the “G” in the second one is confusing because the letter “G” is not a valid Roman Numeral. Maybe MCM.LXXIII = 1900.73 and MGM.VXIXLLV = ???.79 … perhaps this is 1973 to 1979?

Picture 5 – X.DCCCXXXIII = 10.833 and XXXII.DCVI = 32.606

Picture 6 – “tres numero erit probations” = three in number, shall be proof. Challenges will number three.

The Holy Place N 31 46.702 E 35 13.792

The QR Code contains the text “X marks the spot”

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